Why should you apply for the education fund for your studies at INSEAD?


After completing your studies you can design your career and plan your life without regard to a fixed credit burden and bills of debt.
In addition, it does not matter whether a world trip, parental leave and/or the founding of a new company are ahead.
As soon as your gross income falls below € 30,000, the obligation of payment is postponed.
Repayment is coupled individually to your future gross income and adapts itself to your personal solvency. Whoever earns little, also pays back less.
Your payback begins always only from a gross income amount of € 30,000.
The Generation Contract is also adaptable to the amount of financial support. You decide how much support you need.
During studies and in the payback phase, you remain financially secu­re. The payments are made only at the time in which you have sufficient financial means.
As soon as you have no income, or it is lower than the minimum income level, the obligation of payment is cancelled for that year.
The risk of a fixed credit charge is excluded with the Generation Contract sin­ce there is no rigid repayment plan.
The repayments adapt themselves to your economic situation. A dispro­portionate charge on your income is not possible.
Repayment is limited to a maximum, so that you yourself are not disproportionately charged in the case of an above-average salary.
The income dependent repayments contain a solidarity contribution to compensate own financial “squeezes” and those of fellow students.
In addition, this support remains accessible to future students.
In this way, you are giving back a small share of what you have achieved through your INSEAD studies.
The model is independent and combinable with other study financing possibilities (grant, scholarship, etc.).
Guarantors or securities are not necessary. Motivation and personality are the most important criteria. It`s you who counts!
The income share you pay back will stay the same irrespectively in which currency you earn your salary.
The official exchange rate at the date of the annual invoice will be used to calculate the Euro amount.
So, if you transfer the payment at the same date to our bank account there will be no currency risk.

Funding amount

How will I receive an individual offer?

Simpy send us your documents (CV, transcripts, proof of income, proof of residency/address, admission letter).
Additionally, please mention the funding amount you need. Your individual terms and conditions will be based on the amount as well as your other information. For further information, please visit: INSEAD Education Fund.
Send your documents to: info@educationfund.info

How does repayment of the generation contract work?

Based on your annual income the annual payment will be set depending on your individual income share. Preliminary payments are made on a monthly basis.

How long is the grace period?

The contract has no fixed date for the end of the grace period. Your grace period will last until the day you find a job after graduation and your actual income is above the minimum income.

Example 1: calculation for regular case

Example 2: calculation for successful case: