Funding amount

How does the repayment work?

   Based on your application, the annual repayment percentage will be set. Once you earn above the minimum income, you repay the amount corresponding to your percentage.

Example 1: calculation for regular case

Example 2: calculation for successful case

Why should you apply for the INSEAD education fund?


After completing your studies you can design your career and plan your life without regard to a fixed credit burden and bills of debt.
It does not matter whether you take a trip around the world, parental leave and/or start your own company:
As long as your annual gross income is below EUR 30,000, the obligation of payment is postponed.
Repayment is tied to your future gross income and adapts itself to your personal solvency. Those who earn less, also pay back less.
Your  repayment starts when you earn an annual gross income of EUR 30,000.
At university and during the repayment phase, you remain financially secu­re.
The payments are made only at the time in which you have sufficient financial means.
As soon as you have no income, or it is lower than the annual minimum income, the obligation of payment is cancelled for that year.
The  risk of a fixed credit payment is excluded sin­ce there is no rigid repayment plan.
The repayments adapt themselves to your economic situation. A dispro­portionate charge on your income is not possible.
Repayments have an annual and overal cap, so that you are not disproportionately charged if you earn an above-average salary.
The income dependent repayments contain a solidarity contribution to compensate own financial “squeezes” and those of fellow students.
In  addition, this contribution supplies funding for future students.
In this way, you are giving back a small share of what you have achieved through your INSEAD degree.
The income share you pay back will stay the same regardless of the currency of your income.
The model is independent and combinable with other study financing possibilities (grant, scholarship, etc.).
Guarantors or securities are not necessary. Motivation and personality are the most important criteria. It`s you who counts!