Studying without financial burden

Study first, pay later: Our education fund offers an innovative model to finance your INSEAD studies. It allows every admitted INSEAD student to focus on their studies without worrying about tuition or indebtedness after graduation.

How does the tuition financing work?

Income-dependent repayments begin when you start your career and earn a minimum income of € 30,000. For no more than 10 repayment years, you pay back a certain percentage of your income. Conditions are set individually according to each applicant's profile and the financed amount. For further information please check our information brochure.

The flexible, income-dependent repayment gives you a lot of freedom after your graduation. If your income is below € 30.000 in any year after graduation, the payment year is postponed. Also both the repayment amount and periods are capped.

We support you with individual career advice during your studies and after graduation (e.g. coaching for interviews and salary negotiations).

Your advantages

Our tuition financing model offers numerous advantages - it is much more than a student loan


Create your future without worrying about debt or fixed payments - as the repayments are income-dependent.


Whatever choices you make (or whatever simply happens to you) in the future, there is no burden. If your income is less than € 30.000 a year, repayments are postponed for this year.


Our innovative financing model is not a loan – you can still take on scholarships, loans or mortgages before and after graduation.


The maximum repayment is capped. We believe in you and your career as an INSEAD student. Hence, repayment amounts and periods are capped. Also, we trust in INSEAD values – no guarantors or collateral are required.

Career Mentoring

We support you in achieving your career goals. We offer coaching e.g. for your career entry and salary negotiations. For that we will also involve alumni.

Solidarity principle

Repayments are based on the solidarity principle. Students with the careers that pay the highest incomes can afford higher repayments than their class mates with lower incomes. Everyone pays what he/she can afford.


Funding from our educational funds is known as a seal of quality for higher education at INSEAD - and also at other leading universities - and promotes excellent career perspectives.

Tax advantage

Repayments to our fund are considered "tuition payments" instead of "interest" or "principal payments". That makes them tax-deductible in several countries(Details for Germany)
Reach out to your local tax advisor and ask for tax-deductible tuition

Your next steps

Three easy steps to receive funding for your education

1. We offer you a financial consultation

Receive details on our financing model and learn about your individual conditions for participating even before passing the MBA or MiM selection process. We will provide you with an individual financing offer.

2. Pass the admission process

As soon as you have been admitted to INSEAD, send your documents to:

Required documents:
MBA: CV, transcripts, admission email, 3 most recent pay slips, proof of current address, passport(s)
MiM: CV, transcripts, admission email, copies of passport(s) and other work permits, certificates of professional achievements, proof of current address

We will review them and get back to you shortly.

3. Sign the financing contract

Finally, we will discuss the last details of the financing contract and answer your questions either on the phone or in person. After signing, we will take care of paying your INSEAD tuition.

History of our education fund

The innovative financing model was initiated by Robert Rode and Constantin Tillmann (both INSEAD MBAs of 2017) during their time at INSEAD. They knew Brain Capital and the funding concept from their undergraduate studies in Germany and partnered up to offer this loan-free tuition financing model at INSEAD.

We are convinced that an investment in a student pays off. What counts for us is the individual's motivation and personality. Everyone should have the opportunity to study, irrespective of their financial situation.

Our goal is to offer the opportunity of studying at INSEAD Business School to every qualified applicant.

Constantin Tillmann

Robert Rode

Your contact at Brain Capital

Our funding model was created at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in 2005 by a student initiative. Faithful to the motto "from students for students", the contract enjoys great popularity. Since 2018, the Generation Contract has been available for Insead students as well.

Your contact:
Solveig Bosse (Email)

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